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Бонус барои Ruby Fortune Казино

65x Бо уқёнус бозӣ кунед
$ 756000 Max CashOut
Бозиҳои Exclusive Bonus: $ 610 Tournament оид ба ҷойҳои хоҷагӣ

€ 2170 ҳеҷ гуна бонки casino depositӣ надорад Навсозии: Июл 23, 2017 Муаллиф: Chuck Postel

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  • Keith Niznik
    Keith Niznik

    Why not like I can play or anyone from the ИМА you know the place you call home now so big f*cking deal not like you or myself can test so how can you say anything about this bonus &;You cant @dopicomama so you really do not want to get into this debate over your dislike of a person who you really have no clue .So let me enlighten you long ago right when cb2 started this contest I tried to give katerina a few extra bonuses when I noticed you doing this with your little click after all I was not trying to post for cash .I sent her a code with a note would rather see you get credit then doppie and maybe this month you can beat her and this woman katerina that you so dislike sent me this I am not trying to beat anyone here and completely content with anything I get beating doppie is not why I submit I am just happy to know I shared with others . Yes doppie you have created this hatred against her so you live with your demons !!! But I know the real truth not only is she pretty she also is real !!! Something you need to Be &;.Stop pretending your innocent.. You would rather try to control 2nd 3rd 4th provided certain members do not get that money then act as if we are all stupid money they say to some is the root of all evil but in your case its the control of&; that flicks your bic .