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50X Wager
€ 198000 Бозхости максималӣ
Бунёди истисноӣ: EURO 140 Шабакаи CASINO озод Лукский Фирстакер

£ 2810 Бе бонус нест Навсозии: Мумкин аст 8, 2014 Муаллиф: Хейр Рипптт
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  • Ашби Луттерман
    Ашби Луттерман

    Хизматрасонӣ бо суръат, суръатбахшии бозӣ, суръатбахшии шумо, агар шумо ягон чизро ба бозӣ нагиред, то ки дар суръати оқилона бозӣ кунед ва аз худ бипурсед.

  • Gustav Burritt
    Gustav Burritt

    Шукр гӯед, ки дӯсти шумо бошад, то ки ба шумо ғамхорӣ кунад

  • Ҳама чизро
    Ҳама чизро

    Bumpy ride is rightThe shameful part of it is that even if the candidate gets the popular votes the electoral vote can override it, (not sure if I made that clear). The person who casts the electoral vote (minimal of 3 per state but usually more than that depending on the number of citizens) can STILL DECIDE to NOT vote like the population wants and just pay a minor fine, llke 1,000 and swing the election the way they want. One person came out and DECLARED no matter what, he was NOT going to give it to Clinton (even if the population voted for her). So he pays a fine wow. Now if that can happen AND IT DID, then what happens if 100 or more did the same hmm. Rigged, sure it is no matter who &;won”