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Баҳисобгирии ҳадди аксар EUR 173000
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€ 890 NO ХОҶАГӢ БО РОҲИ БЕҲТАРИН Навсозии: Сентябри соли 1, 2015 Муаллиф: Ота Грозен
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  • Балд Маскагни
    Балд Маскагни

    lol GOOD ONE @titomania and you&’re right about a lot of that. I remember when I was new here also and hardly ever spoke. I remember I didn&’t even know who the say thanks to when there wasn&’t a name and one of the members told me CB2. Once I started chatting, I was met with open arms and never stopped. Then the contest for activity when I won a place the first time LMAO I couldn&’t believe you got cash JUST for holding a CONVERSATION and it was mind blowing. But it seems the newbies (activity point grabbing) don&’t appreciate what we had here (no interaction other than random posts) and ruined it. But as you said perfectly, KARMA so I&’m sticking around to see it.

  • Ganny Lorenzana
    Ganny Lorenzana

    Ҳамаи беҳтаринҳо ба бозиҳои нав